Course curriculum

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    Instructions for this course

    • How to use this course
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    Section 1: Into to Turning Your Travel Dream into Reality

    • Who am I and what will you learn? FREE PREVIEW
    • Benefits of travel & challenges to overcome
    • Mindset shift - You must first BELIEVE
    • Reflection Time
    • Figure out where your heart's leading you
    • Travel Dream Brainstorm
    • Secrets to finding amazing flight deals
    • Tips to Book the Cheapest Flight
  • 3

    Section 2: The not so fun part - Figuring out the finances of it all!

    • Future trip financial research!
    • Travel Planning Resources
    • International travel goal? Get a passport!
    • Go Get That Passport Yo!
    • Honestly asses your own financial situation
    • Personal Financial Assessment
    • Simplify your life - less is more!
    • Add a side hustle or second income stream?
    • Ways to make or save money while traveling!
    • Resources to Save or Make Money While Traveling
  • 4

    Turning travel DREAM into achievable GOAL & working towards it!

    • Set a realistic date
    • Stay FOCUSED on your goal each day
    • Travel Goal Reminder
    • Two actions each day towards your travel goal
    • Get a travel rewards credit card?
    • Resources on Travel Rewards Credit Cards
  • 5

    Oh man, it's almost time! - Final preparation tasks!

    • BOOK THE FIGHT! - Commit!
    • Notify all 'your people'
    • Planning ahead - Less is More! (again)
    • Organize all pre travel life things
  • 6

    BONUS: Mindset tips to have a magical time!

  • 7

    Congrats on finishing your course!

    • Final Farewell

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Nathan, 28Nathan, 28

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